Tillotson T-225RS Kart Engine

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The T-225RS features a completely new crankcase design which is heavily supported to allow a larger size piston compared to other common four stroke engines. The larger, 72mm diameter piston provides excellent torque in the lower rpm band and offers exceptional driveability, making it extremely user friendly for new drivers.

Some technical points:

     Capacity: 225cc 4 Stroke
     Power: 15HP
     Engine Weight: 17kg

• PVL Digital Ignition limited to 6,500rpm
• Tillotson FM Series carburetor calibrated for the TPP-225RS engine for easy starting and top performance
• Engine is sealed so no tuning is permitted—only adjustment to the valve clearance is allowed
• Billet CNC machined connecting rod/flywheel for improved strength and reliability
• New design Tillotson crankcase with extra support for the higher power output