KartLift Steel Skid Plates

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The Stainless Steel Skid plate Kit provides unparalleled heavy duty chassis protection. Stainless steel plate is laser cut, then bent to fit chassis tubing to make these extreme duty plates.  This kit takes all the abuse from the track surface and curbing, saving your expensive kart frame from damage.  The Stainless Steel kit is thinner than the plastic kits, therefore bottoms out on the track less frequently, yet still offers exceptional protection.  

The kit consists of 2 side plates and one larger front plate, and all the necessary hardware for most installations.  This kit fits many different full size sprint kart chassis including rookie/cadet chassis.  Universal mounting to the floor pan.  With today's soft kart frames, chassis protection is a must.

The second generation of Stainless chassis protection is here.  Now with new mounting slots, for increased flexibility in mounting. The new slots are perpendicular to the chassis rails and allow the plate to be slid in or out, to allow for easier bolt placement.