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AiM Water (Coolant) M10 Temperature Sensor Kart

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AiM Water (Coolant) M10 Temperature Sensor Kart

The AiM PT100 M10 water (coolant) temperature kart sensor is for use with all MyChron kart dash/data loggers (including the new MyChron5 S and the older generation MyChron4). The sensor can measure and sample water temperature providing the most accurate readings.

The Thermo resistor should be in the cooling system/oil sump. It is recommended to install the sensor away from heat and electromagnetic interference sources like the RPM or Lap Receiver cables.

Temperature range of 0-150°C
Sensor cable length 250mm
Professional quality sensors for accurate readings
The M10 thread is most commonly found on Rotax, X30 and OK engines
4 pin 719 male binder connection