Charles Leclerc CL30-SH S12 Shifter (+15 yr old kart drivers)

For Charles, Birel ART is the choice of both his heart and his head. 

“You must always remember where you come from,” said the Monegasque driver. “I know what I owe to karting: everything! It was there that my passion for motor sport was established, it was there that I learned the basics that allowed me to progress to the top of the pyramid and it was also there that I met some of the important people who supported me afterwards. I had been determined to do something for karting for a long time, and I think now is the right time,” Charles continued. “Birel ART’s skills were recently confirmed by a magnificent double at the KZ World Championship. I wanted the chassis bearing my name to be able to perform very well in a wide range of conditions. Only a major factory like Birel ART can guarantee such a high quality of production on a large scale.” 

Based on the S11 models, further performance refinements and improvements have been incorporated into the 2021 design as well as different technical details that improve and simplify the use and management of this racing go kart.

  • Upgraded geometry of the frame
  • New pedal adjustment system
  • New floor panel
  • New layout of stickers
  • New steering column
  • New steering column support
  • New gas hose/telemetry wire support

**Water pump assy. is not included